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That means, Symbolism, and Location • Yoga Fundamentals


Every of us holds the power to entry our vitality facilities to awaken our interior potential and manifest our biggest needs. Every of yoga’s seven chakra vitality facilities is related to a selected colour, which is claimed to represent the completely different elements of our bodily, emotional, and religious well-being. From the grounding vitality of the crimson root chakra to the intuitive knowledge of the violet crown chakra, understanding the seven chakra colours is a fast and straightforward solution to strengthen, stability, align and open these mystical and delicate energies for better well being, religious connection, and wellbeing.

What are the chakra colours?

There are seven main chakras, every of which is related to a selected colour. The seven chakra colours are crimson, orange, yellow, inexperienced, blue, indigo, and violet. A simple solution to keep in mind this affiliation and sequence is through the use of the acronym ROYGBIV.

Understanding the which means and symbolism of those colours is essential for these in search of to stability and restore their chakras, in addition to understanding the placement and performance of every vitality middle. See the chakra colours chart beneath for a abstract of the colours and which means of every middle.

Quantity Chakra Identify (English) Chakra Identify (Sanskrit) Colour Properties Location
1 Root Muladhara Purple Grounding, stability, safety Base of the backbone
2 Sacral Svadhishthana Orange Creativity, ardour, sexuality Decrease stomach, beneath the navel
3 Photo voltaic Plexus Manipura Yellow Private energy, confidence, will Higher stomach, beneath the chest
4 Coronary heart Anahata Inexperienced Love, compassion, concord Middle of the chest
5 Throat Vishuddha Blue Communication, self-expression Throat space
6 Third Eye Ajna Indigo Instinct, perception, consciousness Brow, between the eyebrows
7 Crown Sahasrara Violet/White Spirituality, connection to the divine High of the pinnacle

Why do chakras have colours?

The rationale the seven chakra facilities have colours is that every colour is related to a singular frequency of vitality. When the chakras are functioning correctly, the vitality flows freely, and the corresponding colour is vibrant and clear. Nonetheless, when there’s a blockage or imbalance in a chakra, the vitality is disrupted, and the corresponding colour might seem boring or light. The colours are believed to assist stability and align the chakras, selling bodily, emotional, and religious well-being. Understanding the symbolism and which means behind every chakra colour may help people establish areas of imbalance of their vitality facilities and work in direction of restoring stability and equilibrium.

How did the chakras get their colours?

The yogic system of vitality facilities first seems within the Kubjikamata-Tantra, an Eleventh-century tantra yoga textual content. The Sat-Chakra-Nirupana additional expounded on this method and was translated into English by Sir John Woodroffe in his e-book, The Serpent Energy revealed in 1919. Whereas Woodroffe describes colours in his rationalization of the symbolism of those whirling disks of vitality, the colour associations was created by Charles W. Leadbeater in his 1927 e-book The Chakras. The rainbow ROYGBIV colour system was first described in Christopher Hills e-book Nuclear Evolution: Discovery of the Rainbow Physique revealed in 1977. Since then, the colours related to the key chakras have turn out to be broadly accepted and utilized in fashionable practices.

The chakra colours

Though the standard scriptures didn’t point out chakra colours, the idea holds a sure attract and energy. Chakras and colours are each expressions of vibrant vitality, however solely colours might be perceived by our bodily senses. Thus, these colours function a tangible illustration of the unseen move of vitality inside us. This visible illustration can deepen our reference to these vitality facilities and improve our understanding of their profound affect on our well-being.

1. Muladhara / Root Chakra: Purple

Positioned on the base of the backbone, the primary chakra is related to the colour crimson. The colour crimson symbolizes vitality, energy, and vitality, and is usually related to the bodily physique and the earth. It represents the muse of our being and is related to our sense of security, safety, and grounding. When the basis chakra is balanced, we really feel grounded, safe, and related to the earth. When the muladhara chakra is blocked or imbalanced, we might expertise emotions of worry, nervousness, and instability.

2. Svadhishthana / Sacral chakra: Orange

The second chakra is related to the colour orange and is positioned within the decrease stomach, about two inches beneath the navel. The sacral chakra is related to creativity, sexuality, the reproductive organs, and emotional stability. The colour orange is usually related to these identical qualities, in addition to with heat, enthusiasm, and vitality. When svadhishthana is balanced, we really feel emotionally secure, inventive, and keen about life. Nonetheless, when it’s blocked or imbalanced, we might expertise emotions of guilt, disgrace, or an absence of creativity and inspiration.

3. Manipura / Photo voltaic Plexus chakra: Yellow

The photo voltaic plexus, or manipura chakra, is positioned within the higher stomach above the stomach button. It’s related to the colour yellow, which symbolizes vitality, mind, and confidence. The photo voltaic plexus chakra is liable for our private energy, vanity, and willpower. When that is balanced, we really feel assured, brave, and motivated to attain our targets. When it’s blocked, we might expertise emotions of insecurity, low vanity, and lack of motivation.

4. Anahata / Coronary heart chakra: Inexperienced

The fourth chakra is positioned within the coronary heart middle and is related to the colour inexperienced. The anahata chakra is said to like, compassion, and empathy. Inexperienced colour symbolism is broadly related to development, renewal, and concord, which aligns with the guts chakra’s central theme of emotional stability and therapeutic. Inexperienced can also be linked to nature and the atmosphere, which may help people really feel extra related to their environment and promote a way of interior peace. When the guts chakra is balanced and open, people might expertise emotions of pleasure, forgiveness, and gratitude. An imbalanced coronary heart chakra can result in unfavourable feelings, equivalent to jealousy, anger, and resentment.

5. Vishuddha / Throat chakra: Blue

The fifth chakra is positioned on the middle of the neck and is related to communication, self-expression, and creativity. The colour blue is the first colour related to the throat chakra, symbolizing openness, readability, and knowledge. Blue can also be related to the factor of ether, representing house and the infinite. When vishuddha is balanced, people can categorical themselves clearly, talk successfully, and take heed to others with empathy. Imbalances on this middle can lead to varied bodily and emotional points, equivalent to sore throat, thyroid issues, problem talking, and an absence of self-expression.

6. Ajna / Third Eye chakra: Indigo

The sixth chakra is positioned between the eyebrows and is related to instinct, knowledge, and perception. Its colour is indigo or darkish blue, which represents deep focus and religious consciousness. The Third Eye chakra can also be related to the pineal gland, which is liable for regulating sleep cycles and producing the hormone melatonin. When the Third Eye chakra is balanced and open, people might expertise heightened instinct, enhanced creativity, and a deeper connection to their larger self. When it’s blocked or imbalanced, people might expertise confusion, lack of focus, and problem making selections.

7. Sahasrara / Crown chakra: Violet

The colour violet or purple, which symbolizes spirituality, enlightenment, transcendence, and common consciousness, represents the crown chakra. The seventh chakra is positioned on the high of the pinnacle and is related to the pituitary gland. When it’s balanced, people might expertise a way of interior peace, readability of thoughts, and a deeper connection to the universe. An imbalance within the seventh chakra can result in emotions of disconnection, confusion, and an absence of goal.

Utilizing colour to activate and stability the chakras

Colour is a straightforward but potent factor to include right into a chakra therapeutic or balancing method. You may adapt any of the next strategies with the chakra colour of your option to activate the vitality in that middle.

  • Colour meditation. In a comfortably seated place, think about a radiant ball of sunshine within the colour related to the chakra you need to activate. Visualize the sunshine filling that middle and increasing all through your physique, bringing stability and concord to your vitality facilities.
  • Colour remedy. Encompass your self with objects within the chakra colour of your alternative, equivalent to clothes, crystals, or house décor. Put on clothes within the chakra colour to advertise stability or carry a gemstone within the corresponding colour to reinforce the therapeutic properties. For instance, to stability the Ajna Chakra, put on darkish blue tops or yoga pants to yoga class or put on some lapis lazuli mala beads round your wrist or neck.
  • Colour respiratory. Throughout a hatha yoga class or meditation observe, give attention to the chakra colour as you inhale deeply, visualizing the colour filling your physique and activating the corresponding chakra. As you exhale, think about any negativity or blockages being launched from that middle.
  • Food regimen. Add extra meals to your food plan which can be naturally within the colour related to the chakra you need to stability. For instance, if you wish to stability your root chakra, strive incorporating extra crimson meals, equivalent to tomatoes, strawberries, and crimson peppers, into your meals.

Advantages of balancing chakras

Imbalances or blockages in our important life drive vitality could cause bodily and emotional points. By balancing the chakra system, we are able to expertise elevated vitality, emotional stability, psychological readability, and general well-being.

Balancing chakras improves psychological readability and focus in every day life and cultivates emotional stability and stability, permitting sleek navigation by life’s challenges. When our vitality is balanced, we radiate optimistic vitality, reworking interactions with others and fostering deeper connections, improved communication, and better concord in relationships.

Creating concord in our chakras awakens our interior steerage system, enabling clear and assured decision-making. Elevated self-awareness empowers a extra genuine and purposeful life. Balancing your chakras can deepen your religious connection, supplying you with a profound sense of goal and readability in your yogic journey.

Closing ideas

By bringing consciousness to the colour of our chakras, we are able to open ourselves as much as better religious and bodily well-being and therapeutic. Whether or not by meditation, yoga, or just incorporating extra colour into our every day lives, we are able to work to align our vitality facilities and domesticate a better sense of concord in our physique, thoughts, and spirit.

Embrace the sweetness and symbolism of every hue as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, therapeutic, and transformation. Let the colourful chakra colours infuse your observe with a renewed sense of marvel and pleasure as you unlock the profound knowledge and energy that resides inside you.



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